As an athlete you are pursuing a very special opportunity. An opportunity that will lead you to many great things in your life. This opportunity is provided to you by a group of dedicated “Football Warriors” who when faced with the elimination of Junior College Football programs around the country, and more recently in Arizona, decided to do something about it. ACTION has been taken. Private teams have been launched and an online junior college was created for the express purpose of keeping junior college football alive in Arizona and growing across America.

The football teams and Online College have been self-funded by a group of founders – – and while no one asked them to commit their own money and resources to this cause, they did so out of their love for the game – – and their desire to SAVE Junior College Football. They all played and coached junior college football. They were all highly successful coaches with many championships, but their greatest passion is helping young men use football to realize greater opportunities in their lives. They strongly believe in the philosophy of discipline, toughness, positive attitude, and sacrifice and “working hard to succeed and playing hard to win.”

These men are true “Football Warriors.”

You, as a FOOTBALL PLAYER, have a great opportunity and an important commitment. “Your” junior college football opportunity is funded by private dollars mostly coming from these men and friends, but the most important source comes from the individuals who will benefit the most – – YOU – – the football players that are being afforded this opportunity to continue playing football while pursuing dreams and goals that will lead to bigger and better things in life. The “self funding” nature of this endeavor is what helps make it so important…and IT IS VITAL THAT YOUR FOOTBALL FEE IS PAID ON TIME AND IN FULL…in order to keep this important opportunity alive for you and for those that follow. Thank you for fulfilling your commitment.

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