Business Management

Program Description

The Business Management program is designed with inputs taken from Business Management industry experts and employers. Keep up with the pace of innovation with access to the most up-to-date research and trending advancements in the Business Management field. The Business Management program combines micro and macro-economics, business management, accounting and finances. This degree will provide a broad foundation for work or further study in business management or related fields. Students will be exposed to and study facets of business management, including finances, marketing, and management techniques. Students will be prepared to enter into further education or prepare for a career in a business field.

Curriculum will also concentrate on issues faced by Business Management industry such as:
• Providing understanding about the economy.
• Introducing diverse business and management styles.
• Introducing students to Entrepreneurial opportunities.
This program also includes a helpful feature that lets students choose courses that correlate to a student’s experience and professional needs. Core classes include exposure to advanced concepts of micro and macroeconomics, marketing, and business analytics. General Education courses include key concepts to develop students’ skills in areas where soft skills and communication are needed in order to thrive in today’s competitive markets.

Course outline

Business Management is a 16-month, 64 semester credit hour program. The program consists of 20 courses. In addition to the broad field across the breadth of advanced Business Management courses, students should apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired to real-world experiences. Students will be awarded an Associate of Science degree in Business Management upon successful completion of all required coursework.

Instruction takes place online in an asynchronous manner – this means students are not required to be logged into the system at any particular time of the day or week. Rather, students have the freedom to select the most convenient days and times to participate. Discussion boards will close at the end of each week – after 11:59 p.m. MST on Sunday evenings and students will be able to view all posts after that time; however, students will not have the ability to make additional posts. Only substantive comments made in the discussion boards will contribute towards a student’s participation grade.

Program Objectives

1) Students will earn a minimum of 64 credits, including a collection of general education requirements.
2) Students will be exposed to real-world examples of business environments and careers.
3) Students will receive a broad and varied education on several facets of the business world.

4) Students should be prepared to enter into further education related to business and related fields or begin to pursue a career in business.
5) Students will receive an introductory education to related fields as well, including accounting and investments.

Program Curriculum for Business Management:

TOTAL Required Credits = 64 Credits

*The Director of Student Services will assist students with choosing their general education courses.