Enrichment services

Student / Faculty Interaction:

This is an outline of the detailed interaction between students and faculty so all students have a clear understanding as to how USA-C believes it can help students advance through the program.

Students will have mandatory check-in meetings with faculty each week based on each syllabus and the requirements included per course. The meetings will evaluate student progress and set goals and expectations for the week and address any deficiencies that may have occurred prior so that each student will be set up to succeed in the upcoming week. Students will also have the time to ask questions and receive clarifications on any issues that students may have at that time.

In regard to weekly meetings, the students are permitted to miss two (2) meetings per semester and the faculty member should be notified in advance if the student is not able to attend. If a student is not able to attend a scheduled meeting, then the student should reschedule with the student’s assigned faculty member as soon as possible.

Students will receive written feedback from faculty with all papers and assignments that students submit within 72 hours from the day and time that student work would be submitted.

If a student has an issue comprehending the information, the student will receive communication from faculty to assist with clarification as well as the faculty providing supplemental information on assignments. If a student contacts a member of the faculty seeking tutoring or curriculum assistants, the tutoring team must respond within two (2) hours of the student’s request.

In the event that students are not achieving the minimum passing score on quizzes and tests, they will be required to have supplemental instructional time with instructional staff to assist the student with concepts that may be creating a difficulty in comprehension.

Career Coach

Student Services will provide academic advisement for all students. Students are encouraged to talk with the Student Support Specialist/Career Coach regarding their academic progress, placement opportunities, community resources, and other related matters.

Student Services will provide you with a personal Student Support Specialist/Career Coach upon official enrollment. Once you have completed the application and admissions process and officially enrolled in your program of study; your Admissions Consultant will make an official handoff to your personal USA-C Student Support Specialist/Career Coach who will now be with you throughout your USA-C studies and will help launch you into your new career or the re-launch of your existing career.

Your personal USA-C Student Support Specialist/Admissions Consultant will have worked with you during the application process to help establish and understand your educational and career goals; and importantly to make sure we can provide you the best opportunity to achieve the goals you have established for yourself.

Remember – One of the first things we ask on the HOME Page of this website:
What is your GOAL?

Our GOAL at USA COLLEGIATE Online is to provide you with the BEST 2-year college education in the world!

And Our MISSION at USA-C is to provide a cost-effective quality 2-year college education with more educational benefits and support services with greater results for less cost than anywhere else. With a simple philosophy of “educate not indoctrinate” and while mastering your subject area, learn to think for yourself and determine your own principles and values by which to live your life. In some cases, you have already determined this for yourself, and we will merely help you reinforce these principles and values.

Whether you are an Athlete – Regular Student – Working Professional – Retiree – Military Veteran or Active Duty. YOU are Our CLIENT.

Our TEAM of Hall of Fame Coaches – Top Educators – Successful Business Owners & Professionals will be available to help you advance your education and career. AND, your personal USA-C Student Support Specialist/Career Coach will help you solidify and map out the appropriate plan to achieve your stated GOALS.

USA-C is dedicated to helping graduates find employment. All programs are designed to prepare graduates for entry-level positions or enhance current positions. The Career Services Department will help create a professional resume, sharpen students interviewing skills, advise on current job opportunities, and generally assist the students job search. USA-C does not guarantee employment. However, the Student Support Specialist/Career Coach (or Career Services Team) will make every effort to assist all graduates in their job search. 

Our promise to you…we will HELP YOU
“Soar like an Eagle and Reach for the Stars”