Mission Statement

USA COLLEGIATE Online (“USA-C”) provides online academic programs for individuals wishing to better themselves through education and sports participation.

All students will not be required, but will have the opportunity to enhance their educational experience through participation in individual sports (such as golf, tennis, track & field, cross-country track, etc.) and/or team sports (such as football, baseball/softball, basketball, volleyball, etc.) in partnership with Private Junior College Football Teams and Leagues, and other Private Sports Teams and Leagues around America.

It will be expected that all students who choose to participate in athletic programs will strive to accomplish the following through their participation in a challenging and competitive sports environment while receiving a quality education:

1) The opportunity to develop their professional and personal skills to help succeed in the student’s selected major.

2) The opportunity to develop, enhance, and demonstrate their personal qualities of discipline, work ethic, and teamwork.

3) The opportunity to potentially advance to a 4 year college or university.

4) The opportunity to gain employment with a career they love while helping to provide for their family.

USA-C students, who are not interested in participating in an organized sport, will be able to focus on their educational goals while being supported by the same resources available to student athletes.

It is our mission at USA-C to provide advanced online learning methodologies for all students in the most cost effective education possible. Students will be given the opportunity to enhance their education and allow for the opportunity to attend classes and balance the challenges of work and life expectations with schedules that provide flexibility and continuous academic support.