Honoring the passing of President Lawrence Philpot (Aug 29, 1937 – Jan 13, 2022)

Recognizing the appointment of President Paul Arslanian – Sept 1, 2022

President’s Message

In tribute to – – the passing of one of our founders and our first President – Lawrence Philpot – His powerful and well stated “President’s Message” will remain as a strong reminder of ALL that USA COLLEGIATE represents. We honor him in passing as we did in life.

Our new President – Paul Arslanian – – A wealth of experience in building and running highly successful youth development, skill development, and educational advancement programs. He has helped students advance from his high school programs to some of the top 4-year colleges/universities in the country. From UCLA and University of Washington on the west coast…to Florida State and University of Virginia on the east coast…and the University of Utah, University of Chicago, Purdue University, University of Michigan and many more. Paul and his team have helped prepare and then importantly place students from one coast to the next and everywhere in between – – AND he knows his team will do the same for the student/athletes of USA COLLEGIATE. 

Paul Arslanian – Co-founder, owner, and Executive Director of Eagle Ranch Academy Youth Development School…licensed as a Residential Treatment Center by the State of Utah. Founder and owner of Coral Sands Academy, an accredited online Jr and Sr HS in St George UT. Successful football coach at Snow College, Eastem New Mexico, West Texas State, Northern Arizona, Weber State, Utah State, San Jose State University, Birmingham XFL, and BC Lions CFL. Director of Student Housing and Special Student Programs, Snow College. Instructor and Assistant to the Director, NEBO Educational Center for Disabled Youth in Nephi UT. BS Degree in Special Education, Northern Arizona University; MS Degree in Public Administration, Utah State University.

President Lawrence Philpot’s Message

We look forward to working with you on this opportunity of a lifetime.

I have had the privilege of working with students and faculty/staff all over the world; and have enjoyed the challenge of leading some of the top institutions. I have spent my lifetime in education and have had the pleasure of working with some of the finest educators and educational systems anywhere.

I am known as a “builder” having helped develop many outstanding educational programs. One of my favorites was the launching of the sports program at Scottsdale Community College (AZ) in 1972-75. I was recruited by the Maricopa County Community College District to lead the development of the sports programs at Scottsdale and throughout the district.

I was saddened when they announced in 2017 the elimination of junior college football at Scottsdale, the MCCC District, and ultimately all junior college football in the State of Arizona. My fear is that other sports programs will follow. This is the reason USA COLLEGIATE Online exists today.

Junior College football and sports are too important to our youth and especially the underserved youth of our country to allow sports programs to be eliminated from our communities.

It is unfortunate that with the “stroke of a pen,” millions of dollars of scholarship opportunities for upward bound young people were eliminated. In the Arizona junior colleges alone – $8 to $10 million dollars of 4-year college/university scholarships each year have been awarded to football players advancing on to various colleges/universities around the country; all gone with the decision to eliminate football. 

With all of that said, I believe that USA COLLEGIATE Online has now become even more important and is leading the way in “re-inventing” the manner in which junior college football will be played in many communities. The teams are privately owned and funded, USA COLLEGIATE Online is the academic provider, and 4-year college/university scholarships will be awarded to many. In the last 2 years, more than $5 million dollars worth of scholarships have been awarded to young men playing football for these privately funded junior college teams – with much more to come in the future.

And FINALLY – Obtaining a college education is not only being “re-invented” for JC football players but also for the public at large. USA COLLEGIATE Online is at the forefront of this movement and in many ways will be ahead of the rest.

We provide opportunities for young and old, from low to high and mostly middle-income families. We believe that our tuition is affordable to all and that USA COLLEGIATE Online is truly an outstanding opportunity.

Our Philosophy is simple: Educate not indoctrinate; and Our GOAL is clear – Provide the BEST 2-year college education in the world for less cost and with more resources, support, and results than anyone else.

We WELCOME you to this GREAT opportunity.


A theme you will hear throughout this website and from our outstanding faculty and support team – this is an opportunity of a lifetime and here are some of the reasons:

-Junior College Football saves lives and launches young men into great careers. For many, their primary means and motivation to attend college is through their sports dreams and abilities; and once they are enrolled and begin to have success in a college curriculum; they soon realize their sports goals become a means to an end and they become our future teachers, coaches, business owners, firefighters, police officers, first responders, military, and skilled workers in the trades (plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc). They cover the professional spectrum – doctors, lawyers, community leaders and every profession imaginable.

-USA COLLEGIATE Online, while initially designed and launched for the express purpose of serving young men hoping to use their football abilities, to advance their opportunities. As the word spread of the great programs we have developed at USA COLLEGIATE Online, we decided to expand our role in advancing the dreams and aspirations of many students from working professionals, retirees, military (active duty and veterans) to ALL that are desirous of reaching their personal goals.

-Our OBJECTIVE – Provide a cost-effective and quality online junior college education with more educational benefits and support services at a more affordable cost than any comparable institution. USA-C serves a variety of students and student/athletes and make education accessible to many with affordable tuition and scholarships; and the simple and important philosophy of “educate not indoctrinate” is the guiding principle at USA COLLEGIATE Online. USA-C students, while mastering their subject, learn to think for themselves and determine their own principles and values by which to live their lives.

And FINALLY – Our GOAL at USA COLLEGIATE Online is to provide the BEST 2-year college education in the world and to do it at less cost and complete the program of study with little to no debt. We invite you to join us at USA COLLEGIATE Online.