Our story

In 2005 the Arslanian brothers (Dave & Paul)…successful college football coaches… launched a youth development school for struggling teens; they saw a serious need and started a youth development school that has become known world-wide as one of the best: EAGLE RANCH ACADEMY – www.eagleranchacademy.com

Once again, the Arslanian brothers recognized another serious need and have taken action and launched an online 2-year college to serve an important group of students – junior college athletes. When the US was hit with the COVID19 pandemic and colleges shut down and moved all students to online classes, and since many colleges are still facing challenges in meeting the needs of all the students across the USA, the Arslanian’s new college is even more important with its already strong functioning “online” curriculum and faculty. They have taken the online teaching/learning model used successfully at Eagle Ranch Academy’s academic program, Coral Sands that has launched ERA high school graduates into top colleges/universities around the country and have implemented it in this especially important junior college.

As successful college coaches, they know it is all about “process” and “personnel” – and an extremely strong staff has been assembled from the College President to the Dean of Education to the Faculty and Tutors who have implemented the process in a way that creates a great learning environment and strong outcomes for students.

Dave says – “We already know what we are doing. We do not have to learn how to teach online.
We know how to do it and we are really good at it.”

Our college is – USA COLLEGIATE Online – www.usacollegiateonline.com – Our GOAL is simple – provide the BEST 2-year college education in the world, at less cost and with more resources, support services, and results than anyone else.

WHY A 2-year online college?

In recent years many junior college sports, especially football, have been eliminated from public junior/community college programs around the country. Since an important segment of our youth is being greatly under served because of this, we launched an online junior college to meet the needs. As the word spreads of the outstanding educational programs developed at USA Collegiate Online, the demand has been so great, we have expanded our role to include regular students, working professionals, retirees, military/active duty and veterans, all being able to benefit from the structure we have put in place for our student athletes.

WHY is this so important to us?

Dave & Paul spent their youth as sons of a junior college coach, and the early parts of their careers coaching junior college football and seeing the benefits of junior college football up close and personal.

Junior college football saves lives and launches young men into great careers. Many from low to middle income families lack junior college football opportunities. The elimination of junior college football from public colleges is having a devastating effect on the opportunity for these young people to find affordable programs to attend while being able to engage in sports.

For many of these young people, their primary means and motivation to attend college is through their sports, dreams and abilities. Once they are enrolled in college and begin to have success in a college curriculum, they soon realize their sports goals become a means to an end. New dreams become reality and they become our future teachers, coaches, business owners, firefighters, police officers, first responders, military, and skilled workers in the trades (plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc). They cover the professional spectrum – doctors, lawyers, community leaders and every profession imaginable.

CLICK HERE…To read how a 13 year old boy went from running the streets…in trouble daily…to become a Hall of Fame (HOF) football coach inspiring many…and still coaching young men at 90 years of age...

Our Father was 13 years old with both parents deceased. He was running the streets and in trouble daily when a junior high math teacher/football coach named Ed Payne took him and bought him a hamburger and told him if he continued on the path he was on he would end up dead or in jail. Coach Payne encouraged him to come out for football. He did, it saved his life, and he fell in love with the game and especially the life altering, and lifesaving benefit it provides young men. After high school graduation he joined the Navy and served in the South Pacific during World War II. When he returned home, he married, attended Dixie Junior College to continue playing football and get a college education. Upon graduation from Dixie he graduated from the University of Utah; and then started a coaching career to “pass it forward” while inspiring his sons “to make an impact.” When Coach Sark Arslanian retired from coaching as one of the winningest college coaches at the time, he never forgot his roots. His first college coaching job was at Dixie Junior College. 60 years later he was coaching youth football at 90 years of age and continued to be an inspiration to many. Sons Dave & Paul followed in his footsteps as successful football coaches, having been recognized in numerous HOF’s, they are once again making an impact with USA Collegiate Online and the many lives that are better as a result.


Provide a cost-effective and quality online junior college education with more educational benefits and support services at a more affordable cost than other comparable institutions. USA-C serves a variety of students and student/athletes while making education accessible with an affordable tuition. The simple and important philosophy of “educate not indoctrinate”, is the guiding principle at USA Collegiate. USA-C students, while mastering their subject, learn to think for themselves and determine their own principles and values by which to live their lives. In some cases, especially older students, they have already established a strong value system and we merely help reinforce these principles and values.


Our GOAL at USA COLLEGIATE Online is to provide the BEST 2-year college education in the world, at less cost, and with more resources, support services, and results than anyone else.