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Student Services

USA-C provides a myriad of services and resources that ensure our students have the proper support to grow as individuals and academics in a supportive and inclusive environment. Furthermore, the institution maintains a focus on the delivery of educational services and upon acceptance into USA-C, students will work directly with the Director of Student Services Team – and will be assigned to a Student Support Specialist/Career Coach who will assist with orientation, registration and assisting students in preparing for the start of classes.

The Student Support Specialist/Career Coach will be the point of contact throughout the student’s academic journey and will assist with ongoing registration, academic advising, completing of academic and forms and coordinating tutoring sessions with the faculty.

Should a student encounter any academic issues which may interfere with his or her ability to complete coursework, the Student Support Specialist/Career Coach will provide assistance in identifying appropriate solutions and professional guidance in assisting the student with progress throughout their academic journey.